"Mark and Alex have long and deep resumes in the worlds of hedge funds, private equity funds, turnarounds, restructuring, management, operations and capital markets. Given the strength of Halsey Lane's business idea, the depth of the professional experience and the urgent demand on the part of 'unnatural owners' for precisely the sort of expertise that Halsey Lane offers, I expect it will serve an essential and growing role in the distressed investment community."

- Michael Pereira, Founding Publisher,
The Hedge Fund Law Report

"In the current environment, senior management and boards of directors of healthy companies and potentially distressed companies need to take action steps to identify and manage risk proactively to secure at least 4 benefits: (i) enhanced or new contingency planning to enable the corporation to react faster and better to sudden crises threatening the lifelines critical to its existence as a going concern; (ii) increased share value; (iii) a solid track record proving directors and management carried out their oversight duty of care in good faith; and (iv) improved governance ratings for the corporation. Having observed the Halsey Lane team in action on the Vertis deal, it's clear to me that retaining them to provide day-to-day oversight to restructured companies can be a major step in the right direction."

- Martin Bienenstock, Chairman,
Business Solutions, Governance, Restructuring, & Bankruptcy Group
Proskauer Rose