Halsey Lane was founded in 2009 based on the realization that there is a need for a single-source provider of analysis, planning, management oversight and governance for new owners of post-restructured companies. The formation of Halsey Lane reflects the reality that there has been an ongoing shift in equity ownership since The Great Recession to former lenders ("Unintended Owners").

Many bankruptcies involve companies formerly controlled by private equity firms (the "Sponsor"). The disappearance of the Sponsor after the restructuring process creates a significant gap in company oversight. Halsey Lane, through its Board Plus model, establishes a superior process of post-reorganization investment management. We deliver this process through our blend of experience, our diverse skills, an on-the-ground focus on operations and finance and the determination to achieve a timely exit at an above-market return.

Through established relationships with leading private equity firms and other capital sources, Halsey Lane is able to complement its Board Plus model with investment capital. New capital can provide much needed liquidity to newly restructured companies to support strategic and operational initiatives.


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"The new owners of many of today's restructured companies and the restructured companies of tomorrow are not set up internally to be owners. Consequently, they either need to become quick studies or find a partner that knows how to own and manage companies for long-term success and value maximization."

- Jon Henes, Partner in the
Restructuring Group of Kirkland & Ellis