Q. When is the right time to retain Halsey Lane?
A. The most likely juncture is when the new owners are thinking about the constitution of a new board. We could also enter a situation one year or more post-restructuring if the new owners believe that the company is underperforming and still has unexploited potential value.
Q. How does Halsey Lane differ from a standard board of directors?
A. We augment a board of directors with our Board Plus model through a disciplined process we call FORE. Through our FORE process we identify and address financial and operational issues and ultimately lead the company's owners to an optimal exit strategy.
Q. What is the definition of an Unintended Owner?
A. We define an Unintended Owner as one who was an initial lender to a company (bank, hedge fund, insurance company etc.), who had no intention of holding an equity position or taking responsibility for the business operations of the company when it made its loan or purchased a bond.
Q. Does one owner need to have a majority equity position in order to have the company retain Halsey Lane?
A. No, we will work with one or more minority owners who collectively are in a position to appoint Halsey Lane to the board of directors and direct the company to engage our services.
Q. Does Halsey Lane work exclusively with private companies?
A. No, we are capable of working with both public and private companies.
Q. How does Halsey Lane differ from a financial advisor or crisis manager?
A. A financial advisor or crisis manager typically focuses on getting a company through the restructuring process and then moves on. Halsey Lane works with companies after the restructuring is over to create and realize value by overseeing operational improvements and a timely and well-executed exit process.
Q. Does Halsey Lane specialize in a particular industry or size of company?
A. Our FORE process is applicable for companies in any industry. Our collective experience encompasses everything from lower middle-market to multibillion-dollar global companies.