To facilitate the efficient return of capital, Halsey Lane has created the Board Plus model whereby one of its Principals can become a member of the newly-constituted board. In addition to serving on the board, our team provides day-to-day oversight comparable to the oversight typically provided by the Sponsor via a process we call FORE:

Fix: Take immediate steps to halt and reverse declining performance
Optimize: Increase EBITDA through cost cuts and revenue enhancement
Ready: "Package" the company for an exit process
Exit: Oversee exit process to maximize enterprise value

The FORE process provides the focus and discipline necessary to stabilize and then increase the company's EBITDA to an optimal level within a specific period of time. In turn, a more financially and operationally successful company will appeal to the capital markets and ultimately produce a higher valuation multiple upon exit.

When compared to the most commonly chosen alternative (which is a newly-appointed independent board and management) our Board Plus model provides significant advantages:

The Benefits of the Halsey Lane Board Plus Model

Board Only Board Plus
Part-time responsibility Focused, full-time effort
Primarily "big picture" perspective On-site presence leads to in-depth, detailed knowledge base
Directors rarely work side-by-side with management on operational issues Interim CEO capability and/or comprehensive management support provided across all functions
Not always available or fully-informed to answer owners' questions Fully-informed and available 24/7
Formulate exit decisions based on information provided selectively by management and advisors Prepare company for diligence by advisors and oversee exit process in conjunction with owners and management
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